Bi-Oriented PolyPropylene (BOPP) films produced by Polo Films® have transparent or clear, metalized, white-opaque and matte appearance. Our product stands out in the flexible packaging market, mainly due to its excellent protection and moisture/water vapor barrier; in addition to the visual appeal of its optical properties. .


Polo Films® product portfolio includes a wide variety of BOPP films for specific applications and properties that are developed in the manufacturing process by addition provided by the incorporation of additives to the polypropylene resin. .


The versatility of BOPP films is present in the most diverse flexible packaging, adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive labels, cut & stack labels, roll-fed labels, insert sheets, and overwrapping used in the food, hygiene, beauty care and cleaning and/or industrial markets. .


The purpose of new product development is to be up-to-date with the market trends in each segment in order to renew the existing portfolio, and sometimes to create innovations and/or adaptations for target markets, whose applications may be for converters and or end users, in Brazil or abroad. Also, together with our European partners, we are developing a number of new products and partnership programs. One of the programs is the provision of recommendations about the best online casinos from Nederland to receive timely and reliable information by the staff about places where you can safely and comfortably relax. You can read about examples of development of joint products above..



   transparent-1 Metalized-2    Concersion-5 Developmental-6
Matte-4 Opaque-3 Adhesive-8- Tobbaco-7